Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Best of Both Worlds

Getting a new piece of jewelry is one of the most exciting experiences but sometimes coming to a decision about the color of gemstone to buy can be difficult to say the least.  What if there was a way to get more than what you paid for, a gemstone that displays more than one color?  There are, in fact, such gems, "color-changing gemstones," that present in two distinct colors depending on the source of the lighting.  Imagine! one stunning piece that will appear as one color in natural light and a completely different color under incandescent lights.

Gemstones that display optical effects, such as color-change, are called phenomenal gems; these gemstones are relatively rare and completely unique.  The most exquisite and expensive of these gemstones is the alexandrite, June's birthstone.  An alexandrite with a strong color-change will display green hues in daylight and purple hues in florescent lighting.  There are also color-change sapphires that appear as blue hues in natural light and in deep violet hues under incandescent lights.  Another excellent option, with equally exquisite color-change qualities is a garnet, those hues range from bronze to rose pink depending on the source of the light.  There are also other color-changing members of the chrysoberyl, related to but not nearly as expensive as alexandrite, that offer other color options.

These splendid gemstones are rare and might not be easy to find.  Someone that is interested in designing a custom piece of jewelry featuring a unique and exquisite color-changing gemstone could start by contacting one of the talented designers at Alan Rocca Fine Jewelry and let them do the work to find gemstones in order to end up with the custom piece of your dreams!

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